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2nd, Complete Your Google Sheets File & Follow Each Author

In Google Sheets, add any missing authors or missing URLs for their Google Scholar profiles; also, sign-up for Google Scholar alerts.

Published onNov 11, 2021
2nd, Complete Your Google Sheets File & Follow Each Author

Your Hosted Collection has an associated Google Sheets file.1 It lists your group’s authors and the URLs for their Google Scholar profiles. You should already have the ability to edit your file, but if not then send a request to Scott. You should add any missing information and sign up for alerts:

  1. Add any missing authors.

  2. Add any missing URLs for Google Scholar profiles. If an author does not have one, ask them to make one here.

  3. To get alerts to new papers by your authors, go to their respective Google Scholar profiles. On each, click “FOLLOW” → click “New articles by this author” → enter your email address → and click “DONE.”2

Here is an image that shows what is entailed in setting up an alert:


ASC Historical Criminology

Centre International de Criminologie Comparée

Georgia State University

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

UCL Bentham Project

University of Manchester

University of Missouri St. Louis

University of Nebraska

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