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3rd, Solicit Papers From Your Authors

Ask authors to share their papers, either after you get a Google Scholar alert or in a regularly scheduled email to your group.

Published onNov 11, 2021
3rd, Solicit Papers From Your Authors

Filling your Hosted Collection involves adding new papers. You should solicit (i.e., ask for) them so in two ways; the first is sporadic, the other is regularly scheduled:

  1. For the second step, you set up Google Scholar alerts for each of your authors. When you are alerted to a new paper, email the author something like:

    • I see that you have a new paper, “The Title of Which Is ‘This.’” If you’ve already made it open access, please send me the URL so I can connect it to our CrimRxiv page? If you haven’t made it open access, it’s easy: just “do this.”1

  2. On a monthly basis, Scott sends an email to his GSU colleagues and members of the ASC Division of Historical Criminology. He’s the Moderator for both groups. His emails ask for people to share new papers. He will Bcc you as a reminder for you to send a similar email to your authors. His emails read as:

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