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Gary Cordner

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Past President

Published onMar 03, 2017
Gary Cordner


Gary Cordner, esteemed as Professor Emeritus at both Kutztown University and Eastern Kentucky University, is recognized for his expertise in police administration, community policing, and problem-oriented policing. His academic and professional journey included professorships at Washington State University, the University of Baltimore, and Eastern Kentucky University, where he served as Dean of the College of Justice & Safety. He earned a Ph.D. and M.A. in criminal justice from Michigan State University and a B.S. in criminal justice from Northeastern University. Cordner’s commitment to law enforcement and criminal justice extended beyond academia into various pivotal roles, such as membership in the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, the Kentucky Criminal Justice Council, and the Lexington/Fayette County Civil Service Commission. His hands-on experience in the field is highlighted by his tenure as a police chief in Maryland. Furthermore, Cordner made significant contributions to the field as past president of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS), and through his editorial work with the American Journal of Police and Police Quarterly. His scholarly contributions are vast, including the influential book Police Administration and Police & Society. His career achievements have been recognized with several awards from prestigious organizations such as ACJS, the Southern Criminal Justice Association, and Northeastern University. (Visit Cordner’s profile on Google Scholar here.)

With AnnMarie Cordner

Keywords: Ocean City MD, St. Michaels MD, Northeastern University, Eastern Kentucky University, Michigan State University, police administration, community policing, Robert Sheehan, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Jack Greene, Larry Hoover.

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