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How to Submit

Instructions for submitting postprints and preprints for publication on CrimRxiv

Published onJul 07, 2020
How to Submit

The homepage has short videos on how to the prettier and quicker ways to get share your paper on CrimRxiv. This page writes out what is involved and provides additional information. The first to last steps are:

  1. Create & Log Into an Account

  2. Start a Submission

  3. Add the Title

  4. If a Postprint: Add a Description

  5. Add the Author Info

  6. Upload the Paper

  7. FYI: Pub Settings

  8. Request Publication

Create & Log Into an Account

To submit a paper, you will need to create and be logged into your PubPub account. You can create a free account here. PubPub collects minimal personal information from you, and their privacy policy is very strict. You will need to provide your email address, your name, and create a password. It is optional to provide an avatar image, professional title, bio, location, website, and your accounts on ORCiD, Github, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Scholar.

Start a Submission

You can submit three types of works: Postprints have been accepted for publication in another outlet; preprints have not; reviews and commentary are focused on evaluating another work. On the CrimRxiv homepage, click the button under the type you want to submit. You will be brought to a new “Pub” page, as shown below.

Add the Title

Erase “Untitled Pub on [Date]” and replace with your paper’s title.

If a Postprint: Add a Description

If submitting a preprint, leave this blank. If submitting a postprint, add the title of the journal in which it has been accepted and its DOI (if one has been created). For example: “International Criminal Justice Review;”.

Add the Author Info

As the Pub’s creator, your name will appear as the author, i.e. “contributor”. If you provided your ORCiD when making an account, it will be automatically included in the Pub’s metadata. You can also add your affiliation and role (per the CRediT Taxonomy).

By clicking the pencil icon next to your name, you can add a coauthor by searching for them. If not found, you can type in their name. Optional is to add their ORCiD, affiliation, and role. To change their order, click and hold on the rectangle of dots to the left of their initials, then drag and drop into place.

To enable a coauthor (or someone else) to have co-control over the Pub on CrimRxiv: On the right side of the Pub page, click “Pub Settings”. On the new page, click “Members”; search for their name; if they have an account, you can assign them the role of “View”, “Edit”, or “Manage”. You will not be able to select “Admin”.

Upload the Paper

There are two ways to upload your paper: compared to the first, the second looks way better but takes a little more time. You are strongly encouraged to do the latter; after all, this paper is for everyone to see, forever.

Quicker Way

On the toolbar, click “Media”; click “Other”; select and upload your paper in any of the following file types: .docx, .epub, .html, .md, .odt, .txt, .xml, or .tex; no PDF. The product will look like what is below.

More Attractive But Less Quick Way

Under the toolbar, click “Import Files”; select and upload your paper in any of the above file types.

This way takes more time because you should review the product to ensure it looks right. You may want to reformat headers, delete extra spaces (e.g., at start of paragraphs), or indent quotes (use the quote symbol in the toolbar). The most serious problem results from various ways that people make tables and figures. If those upload poorly, just add them as a document at the end of the Pub.1

Request Publication

When you are ready to submit, click “Request Publication”, found above the toolbar. (You will not see “Publish”, as only Moderators see that button.)

After you click that, you will see the box, below. Therein, you can type a note for the Moderator. A note is not needed for an initial submission, but very useful if requesting publication of a revised version of the Pub. If your paper is in line with the Moderation Policy, it will be published. Please allow 48 hours (excluding the weekend) for a Moderator to make a decision on your paper; after that, feel free to email us for an update.


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