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Review of "Ranking the openness of criminology units"

Published onOct 10, 2022
Review of "Ranking the openness of criminology units"

Your arguments for the UR are clear, but my one question is whether papers posted in URs are easy to find in google scholar (which is where I do 99% of my searching)? 

For example, both (or at least the top one) were made available in the GSU UR, but to find it I have to click "alternative versions"; whereas papers that I post in researchgate are often listed as available there. Perhaps I have to click another link to have it show up as available. 

Just a thought. 

Scott Jacques:

Hi Callie. Thanks for the feedback on my paper. The following text walks you through how I handled your comment. So, your question is about Google Scholar. I see your screenshot, above, so I went to your Google Scholar profile. Once there, I realized your screenshot is of another page. I’m guessing you searched “Callie Burt” on The result didn’t match your screenshot either. I can’t manage to reproduce what your screenshot, so I’m assuming the results have changed since your review. At that point, I just searched for the first article by name. When I go the Google Scholar page dedicated to the first paper (pictured above), there’s no extra link to the right with the PDF. So I went to your institutional repository’s (IR) page for the paper. I clicked the “Download” button, which I assumed would take me to a PDF of the paper, based on your question. But when I did, I was brought to a page saying the paper’s embargoed for a few more months. To see if that was the problem or something else, I went to our department’s page on our IR to find a paper that does have an associated PDF. Let’s use Kat’s. I clicked “Download” and was brought to a PDF of the paper, so I know that works. Then I went back to Google Scholar to search the paper’s title, “Law of the Land: Tribal Sovereignty and Legally Legitimated Resource-Based Control of Native Americans.” The resultant page on Google Scholar does have the “extra link to the right.” Therefore, I assume the problem is your paper’s embargo. If you’d like to avoid future embargoes, I recommend signing our college’s opt-in rights-retention license. CrimRxiv has a similar license.