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Dorothy Bracey

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Past President

Published onMar 03, 1997
Dorothy Bracey


Dorothy Bracey's distinguished academic career reflects a profound dedication to exploring the intricate interplay between law and justice. Her scholarly journey, characterized by diverse intellectual pursuits, has taken her across the globe, examining critical issues such as police corruption, juvenile prostitution, the justice system in China, and legal dilemmas faced by Native American communities. Bracey's work not only showcases her vast range of interests but also her commitment to addressing complex social justice issues through rigorous research. In addition to her scholarly contributions, Bracey has demonstrated remarkable leadership within the academic community, such as editor of two professional journals. Her roles in the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the American Society of Criminology highlight her influence and dedication to advancing the field of criminal justice. Bracey’s career exemplifies a passionate engagement with both the theoretical and practical aspects of criminal justice, underscoring her role as a catalyst for dialogue and change in addressing some of society’s most pressing legal and ethical challenges.

With Donna Hale (1997)

Keywords: policing, functional approach to studying police corruption, qualitative research in criminal justice, studying at Harvard University. 

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