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Moderation Policy

Requirements for a submission to be published on CrimRxiv.

Published onJun 23, 2021
Moderation Policy

A “moderation policy” outlines the basis on which submissions will (not) be published or “made public.” CrimRxiv’s moderation policy is outlined below. Application of the policy is at the director’s discretion. The policy will be changed as/if experience proves necessary. Changes to the policy will be applied prospectively, not retroactively, and appear on this page.

Submissions must be submitted in accordance with copyright and PubPub’s Legal Terms of Service. For more information on how to comply with copyright, go here. CrimRxiv is unable to verify compliance as part of moderation; the responsibility falls on submitters. Email us with questions or to alert us of noncompliance.


Submissions must be scholarly studies of lawmaking, lawbreaking, and reacting to those. (We do not accept “legal analyses” of the type appropriate to LawArXiv.)

Recently completed or accepted elsewhere

We only publish recent work, defined as:

Properly formatted

Papers may be submitted in any consistent, intelligible format. Papers that have clear formatting and style problems (e.g., weird text, weird spacing, etc.) will be declined.

Properly submitted

Papers must be properly submitted using the Imported or Linked Ways, described on How To Submit.

  • If the Imported Way is used, the submitter must be an author.

  • If the Linked Way is used, it must lead to an open access version.

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