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Evaluation of the Phoenix Crime Gun Intelligence Center

Published onJan 28, 2021
Evaluation of the Phoenix Crime Gun Intelligence Center
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Evaluation of the Phoenix Crime Gun Intelligence Center

In 2017, the Phoenix (AZ) Police Department was awarded BJA funding for establishing the Phoenix Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC). The CGIC was a collaborative partnership of law enforcement agencies and experts including the Department's Crime Gun Intelligence Unit (CGIU), the Police Crime Laboratory, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, the ATF's Phoenix Field Division, and Arizona State University’s Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety. The new CGIC, implemented in October 2017, committed to building and prosecuting intelligence-driven investigations that could "prevent gun violence through the consistent production of timely, precise and actionable intelligence concerning gun crimes to identify armed violent offenders for investigation and targeted enforcement." ... [T]he evaluation team documented and analyzed the CGIC's implementation processes and intervention strategies and measured impacts, relying on three sources of official police data (i.e., RMS, impounded evidence, NIBIN), ATF eTrace data provided by the PPD, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office records, and the collective responses to our survey of point-of-contact investigators who coordinated the investigations of incidents linked through NIBIN leads. Overall, we found the CGIC's processes, as determined by its written policies and procedures, to have been consistently carried out as planned, and their impacts for the most part to be as expected or trending in a positive direction.


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