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List of future improvements on CrimRxiv and their expected order

Published onFeb 27, 2021

This page lists CrimRxiv’s future improvements and their expected order. We use this list for internal purposes, but make it public in case anyone is curious. There are two “drivers”: us and our platform, PubPub. Some future improvements are within our control, as of today. These changes are informational, social, and technological. Others improvements must wait for PubPub to complete tasks on their roadmap. All of these are technological.

Driven by CrimRxiv


  1. Post article about curation, including linking a given Pub to other Pubs (e.g., preprint to postprint) or other relevant webpages (e.g., postprint to Version of Record).

  2. Post article about pre- and post-publication review, including how that can be done on PubPub (using the “Connections” or “Comments” features).

  3. Provide page for classics in the public domain.


  1. Partner with organizations (e.g., journals, societies/associations, and their divisions/sections) to provide personalized Collections.


  1. Provide a donation button to offset CrimRxiv’s costs (~$2,000 per year).

Driven by PubPub

  1. Improve review process, including automated notifications.

  2. Automate template Pub Settings.

  3. Reduce contributors’ Pub Settings.

  4. Allow authors to click “Publish.”

  5. Create embargo field that automates public release date.

  6. Create hierarchical or other means sharing pubs among PubPub communities with overlapping scope.

  7. Use API or other means to curate pubs from non-PubPub websites.

  8. Integrate with


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