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Review 1 of "Understanding Disrespectful Behavior Through a Gendered Lens: Racism and Power in a Women’s Prison"


Published onNov 20, 2020
Review 1 of "Understanding Disrespectful Behavior Through a Gendered Lens: Racism and Power in a Women’s Prison"
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This is a very interesting and important paper. I think, however, that some changes are in order before it is published. My comments follow below:

The paper is well written, overall. The writing style is clear with few grammatical or syntax errors. This makes it easy to follow.

Literature Review

Overall quite comprehensive. However, I was left with the question about what is the definition of disrespect. How did the women view the definition? Some of the examples in the findings suggestion seem to be speaking about abuse. How is disrespect differentiated from abuse?


I wondered about how confidentiality and anonymity were maintained when the prison staff were responsible for notifying the women and escorting them to the interview. Also, minor mention of informed consent was made. The use of informed consent should be made more explicit.

The Author(s) used “qualitative methods.” However, there is a wide range of different schools under qualitative research. Which school did the author(s) use in this study? And what was the rationale for using that particular method?

More detail is needed about data analysis. What qualifies as a code? What approach was used to conduct coding.


My comments about the findings follow from my last comment. The findings section appears to be more of a string of impressions rather than emerging from a stringent, structured coding process. The major themes should stand out more prominently and be included in subheadings. In addition, the author(s) described different forms of disrespect based on ethnicity. This is an added layer of analysis and should be included in the introduction and research question.

The sample for this research is quite large, given that this is a qualitative study. As such, more voices and narratives should be included in the findings section. This will thicken the results and make them more robust.

I am also quite surprised that the conclusion was reached to do more training to end disrespectful behavior, particularly for racism. Perhaps this is my bias, but origins of racism seem to go well beyond ignorance and lack of training. It is a deeply engrained cultural and structural social problem. However, if training was recommended, what would that training look like?

I saw reference to tables, but they were not included in the paper.

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