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Janet Lauritsen

University of Missouri—St. Louis, Curators' Distinguished Professor Emerita

Published onDec 15, 2015
Janet Lauritsen


Janet L. Lauritsen is Curators’ Distinguished Professor Emerita within the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri—St. Louis. Her work primarily delves into the origins and impacts of victimization, the societal and historical aspects of crime and victimization, and the application of quantitative methodologies and data in research. Lauritsen’s projects have received funding from institutions such as the National Science Foundation, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and the National Institute of Justice. She played a pivotal role as Chair of the Panel on Modernizing the Nation’s Crime Statistics, under the Committee on National Statistics of the National Academies of Sciences. In recognition of her contributions to the field, Lauritsen was honored as a Fellow of the American Society of Criminology in 2013. She also contributed as Co-Editor of the society's leading journal, Criminology, from 2018 to 2020, and in 2022, she took on the role of President of the American Society of Criminology. (Visit Janet’s profile on Google Scholar here.)

With Brendan Dooley (2015)

Keywords: Crime victimization, University of Illinois, gender, policy-oriented research. 

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