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Ramiro Martinez Jr.

Northeastern University, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Published onNov 19, 2019
Ramiro Martinez Jr.


Ramiro Martínez, Jr. is a quantitative criminologist, specializing in the study of violent crime. His research primarily investigates ecological contexts and disparities among racial/ethnic and immigration groups. His projects have been funded by organizations such as NSF, NIH, NIDA, NIJ, and The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. He has received numerous accolades and honors, including the American Society of Criminology DPCC’s Lifetime Achievement Award and its Richey Mann Award. His alma mater, Texas State University, honored him with a Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award and an Alumni Achievement Award. His earlier recognitions include the Florida International University Faculty Award for Excellence in Research, the American Sociological Association Latinao Section Award for Distinguished Contributions to Research, and a W.E.B. DuBois Fellowship from the National Institute of Justice. He has been member of the NSF-funded Racial Democracy, Crime and Justice-Network working group at The Ohio State University. Nationally, Dr. Martínez is an active member of several academic journal editorial boards and advisory panels. (Visit Ramiro’s profile on Google Scholar here.)

With Eric Stewart 2019

 Keywords: Ohio State University, Texas State University, Latino Homicide, Ruth Peterson, Robert Bursik, Race and Ethnicity, Immigration and Crime.

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