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Law Enforcement Deaths by Suicide

Lawrence, D. S., & Dockstader, J. (2024). Law enforcement deaths by suicide. Arlington, VA: CNA Corporation.

Published onMar 22, 2024
Law Enforcement Deaths by Suicide


In late 2023, the CNA Corporation began collaborating with the nonprofit organization First H.E.L.P. to examine and analyze the data it has amassed on law enforcement and correctional officer deaths by suicide. First H.E.L.P.’s efforts represent a notable stride toward comprehensively collecting reliable and valid data on this challenging issue, marking one of the most extensive efforts undertaken in this area. This research brief presents analyses of the 1,287 deaths by suicide of law enforcement and correctional officers from 2016 to 2022, offering descriptive information categorized by the year of occurrence, agency details, geographic location, demographic attributes, position specifics, help-seeking behaviors, life challenges the person encountered before their death, and details about the death event.

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