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Review 2 of "Everyday Aesthetics, Space, and the Sensory: Fear of Crime and Affect in Inner Sydney"


Published onMay 10, 2021
Review 2 of "Everyday Aesthetics, Space, and the Sensory: Fear of Crime and Affect in Inner Sydney"
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The authors position the paper in the relevant literature while opening space for critique, synthesis and development; interesting, nice quotes, well written.

Persuasive about reasons for applying a sensory (etc) awareness to the data analysis

Authors might be interested in exploring further the connections between fear and – darkness, night and nature, the gothic – how the safe and familiar is turned into the unknown and uncanny etc etc - see e.g South ‘Monstrous Nature’ in M Brown and E Carrabine (eds) Routledge Handbook of visual Criminology and references therein.

Some themes in the paper might connect to ideas about noise vs silence in the city and also ‘rights’ in relation to the city see eg García Ruiz and South (2019) in CMC - And - Brisman, García Ruiz,  McClanahan and South (2021)  ‘Exploring sound and noise in the urban environment: Tensions between cultural expression and municipal control, health and inequality, police power and resistance’ in Persak and DiRonco (eds) Harm and Disorder in the Urban Space Routledge.

Needs an edit check for missing words etc; is there an alternative to ‘master’ narratives?  (especially in relation to feminist concerns) eg primary narratives?

Main omission seems to be little acknowledgement of the diverse forms and products of media that feed imagined threats etc. 

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